Random crashes

heres the setup:

ga-p55m-ud2 rev 1.1 bios F8
core i5-650 @ 3.2ghz
gskill (2x2) - 4gb ddr3 1600 - F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ
wd 640gb cav black 64mb
geforce gts250
thermaltake 600w - tr2-600nl2nh
win 7 pro 64bit

latest drivers + mb bios. all critical updates. issue occurs stock install with and without any software setup.

having issues with pc random bsod. error message different everytime. i tried using different video card and psu,

same problem. all instances have occurred with failsafe bios defaults, ram states running at 1333, blck 133, 9-9-9-24. now i read somewhere (i think a newegg review) theres potentially an issue with the mb and 1600mhz ram and someone suggested overclocking the mb to make it stable. they stated making the blck 160 (and im assuming to run the cpu multiplier @ x20 instead of x24 to achieve the 3.2ghz). there hasn't been enough time and cold boots elapse to see if this new setup is working (ram @ 1600, blck 160, cpu mult x20 @3.2) but it seems to be running ok. any ideas to what i could be doing wrong or if there could just flatout be a stupid problem with this motherboard?

also idk what the default dram freq is suppost to be but at the later setup its 800mhz (which i think correct maybe 1600/2?) fsb:dram 4:20

any thoughts or suggestions / fixes would be greatly appreciated. ty in advance
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  1. what does lnbk mean?
  2. loose nut behind keyboard... [:bilbat:9]

    What do you want - both the DIMMs and the CPU to run at reated speed, or do do you want the machine as fast as it can be tweaked, without any risky overvolting? Whatcha got on it for CPU cooling?
  3. i want stability, its for a customer so no overclocking would be best option. id like dimm and cpu to run at rated speed. ill go through and check all the mb standoffs and what not see if anything is out of the ordinary. stock cooler
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