Msi ati hd3850 256mb/256bit

Hey, i know this is a silly question BUT just wanted to know. I've got an ati hd3850 and wanted to know if there is any way to check if there is any locked pipelines etc. that can be unlocked. I know this is quite an old card and i want to squeeze a little more performance out of it without overclocking. Thanx
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  1. I googled around and found nothing.. it seems most of the opportunities for unlocking additional pipelines were with cards even older than the 3850.
    Search around some more, though... if it exists, Google can probably find it.
  2. Thanks tortnotes, i'll scavenge some more
  3. Nope, nothing to unlock. OC and thats it. The last good unlockable card ATI had was the x1800GTO. You could unlock the other 4 pipes, turning it into the x1800XL. If your luck held you could then OC it x1800XT speeds.
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