2 routers cannot access computers on 1st router

hi, i currently have a smc cable/router with computers connected to the lan ports. i added a linksys router to one of the ports on the smc. i can access the internet just fine through the ports on the linksys router and wireless also. but the computers on the linksys router cannot access the computers connected to the smc router.
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  1. Don't use a router, use a switch or convert the router to a switch.
  2. i already have the linksys router. how do i turn it into a switch?
  3. Check Vlans or try to ping the second router from the first one,if that fails then it is a configuration problem between the routers.
  4. the ping is ok. all the computers can access the net, but computers on router 2 cannot access computers on router 1
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    Change the IP address to be in the same range as the SMC router, disable DHCP and connect the cable from the SMC router to a LAN port on the Linksys.
  6. sorry im new to all this...the smc router is and the linksys router is what should i change the linksys too?
  7. if the DHCP Range on the SMC doesn't start at
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