Super-fast Bios?

Anyone know if the Phoenix super fast BIOS has been released and if so, what boards support it? Fixing up an older box for HTPC and would love to buy something zippy for my 80gb ssd...
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  1. Even if they made Fast Boot Technology available for older motherboards (unlikely), it will only improve the boot time. It won't make a slow system any faster.
  2. thanks for the response. by fixing up the machine i was talking about, i was looking to put in a new cpu/mobo/ram/gpu. i realize that the UEFI won't be supported on older motherboards.

    currently it doesn't seem like there's anything that natively uses the technology and i'd like to find out if there are any new boards in production currently that do, so let me rephrase that to 'what NEW boards support it?'
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