Hyper TX3 - enuf or not

MY CPU is making violent noise and vibration during gaming like arkham city,BF3 etc. My build is as follows:

Phenom2 955 with stock cooler
corsair 4gb 1333
Sapphire HD 6850 refference version
Cooler Master 430 cabinet (2 given fans) + 1 120mm at the back
Cooler Master 600watts extreme power pro

As far as i suspect and read in forums the cause of my noise is my stock CPU cooler.. (during prime 95 and some gpu load it reaches 6880RPM).
So will buying a Hyper TX3 help?? and is there any better alternatives at the same price range? I know the hyper 212EVO is good but its currently out of my budget.
Temperatures are not of big concern since i am now having 33C idle and 57C full load(prime95) 54C (BF3).

My main concern is noise and yes my 6850 at 100% fan makes a considerable amount of noise too but i dont see any alternative for that.
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  1. Much better off with a full size 120mm cooler.
    I use a 212+ in the same case.
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
    Otherwise yes the TX-3 is a marked improvement over the stock cooler.
    Coolermaster - Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler
  2. 212 series by coolermaster is by far the best performance you will get for your money. seen people with the 212+ PUSHPULL up to 4.5ghz without any issues, how long are you running prime if its maxing your cpu temp only a bit higher than bf3?
  3. 15min-20min :P
  4. is my PSU good enough ?
  5. payneg1 said:
    is my PSU good enough ?

    Your psu is low-end and closer to a 500W unit.
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