Is the motherboard's BIOS ver mentioned on its box?

I was wondering about that, do companies like Gigabyte, Asus, and many more mention the installed BIOS version of the supplied motherboard on its box? or any hints to it?

Probably not... but I'm just asking.
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  1. I checked some of my old motherboard boxes and the answer seems to be "No."

    If you think about, it makes sense from the manufacturer's viewpoint. It means that they do not need to change the artwork on the box every time the BIOS changes.
  2. Go to the ASUS online product page. Each MB will have the BIOS versions/BIOS history with date released available. The 'initial BIOS' release and CPU support list are available there. ASUS usually changes the name of the board before releaseing different versions of the board like Gigabyte. With an ASUS board you would get the 'initial BIOS' version listed on the product support page when purchased new retail. In some instances ASUS may release a version 2 of one of their MBs. An ASUS Version 2 MB would be a hardware change to the board that a 'soft' or BIOS update would not cover.
  3. That's true. Forgot about that.
  4. I know your question has been already answered, but why the concern about the bios version? In your question, it's quite clear you were already expecting the answers given, so i do have the feeling that fears haven't been addressed, unless i'm wrong...
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