Macbook hard drive????

I have a 2007 (mid) macbook with a 2.16 Ghz and 2gb ram
I want to upgrade my hard drive to at least 500GB but I dont know what rpm and sata I need.
I want the best specs i can get without bottlenecking on my limited sata, if I have one.

sorry if I didnt explain it the best, I hope you know what I mean.
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  1. Check this site

    However, you probably run a 2.5 sata hard drive, and any 2.5 SSD will be a great update

    Also, you may open your bottom case, and check the specs of the hard drive currently installed
  2. well i know that i have a 120Gb 5400 rpm 4 mb cache
    i want to know if for example a 500Gb 7200 rpm would bottleneck down to 5400, and what sata i need (1,2,or 3)
  3. i'm using late 2008 aluminium mac book.

    i've exchange my hdd with segate 5400rpm 320gb hdd.

    just like it'll take any harddisk with sata interface because all harddisk are the same for standard interface.
  4. so i can use any sata number and any rpm? and my macbook will handle it?
  5. would this hard drive work in my macbook?and would it work at full speed?
  6. yes

    make sure ur mac book HDD is SATA interface and it'll do the same.

    but before i changed my hdd, i read a lot of reviews that some hdd have issues with mac from variety of brands (WD, Seagate, Hatichi) but, i decide to go with seagate and all goes ok. even issue arise, u can solve by updating ur mac book firmware and drivers in some cases.

    my mac book originally have 160 gb SATA hatichi HDD.

    so before choosing, plz read buyer reviews from a handful of stores like amazon, newegg and tigerdirect.
  7. FWIW, I swapped out the 160GB hard drive in my wife's 2007 macbook with a WD 320GB 5400 rpm drive 3 years ago. Haven't had any problems in all this time. Any 9.5mm 2.5" laptop drive with an SATA interface should work.
  8. Im aware that any sata interface will work, but if i get a HDD with 3Gb/s speed, will my macbook transfer at that rate or will it bump it down to sataI speeds (1G/s)
  9. SATA speed won't matter. Laptop HDD's don't saturate SATA 1 speed. Think of it as the speed limit on a road. SATA 1 is 150 mph and SATA 2 is 300 mph. It doesn't matter that you're allowed to go that fast if your car tops out at 90 mph.
  10. thank you for your help
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