Best MB on the market

Which brend of MB is the best on the market?
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  1. ASUS. Any harder questions?
  2. 1- ASUS
    2- Gigabyte
    3- MSI
    4- The other brands
  3. Yes, I would agree that ASUS is. I have heard a lot of good things about Gigabyte as well. I would go with one of those.
  4. Gigabyte & MSI. Unimpressed with quality of recent ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO board.
  5. how bout opinions/experiences with EVGA?
  6. Well, technically it is as saint19 said. Personally ASUS is my favorite as well then it goes down to what the board can do and its chipset. If anything EVGA isn't the best, but they're definitely not the worst either for motherboards, basically in between.
  7. Yes, EVGA is kind of in the middle. If you don't want something top quality, you could go with that.
  8. Asus-Gigabyte-MSI-Evga... I have 1366 boards of all the four brands, and that's how i'd rank them in terms of value, ease of use, quality and overall performance... No brand loyalty or prejudice here, just facts from personal usage... Lol
  9. Ohh right, sorry for that I forgot EVGA. I'm an AMD user so, you can understand.

    1- ASUS
    2- Gigabyte
    3- MSI
    4- EVGA (The bad thing is that it's only for Intel)
    5- Other manufacturers
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