WD Caviar Black Noise level?

On boot my WD Caviar Black 1TB drive makes some funky noises now i have read up on some sites and it seems common, but answers are mixed, what do you think of this?

i have 250gb SATA II boot drive soon to be replaced with a Crucial SSD and my WD Data drive.

On boot its silent, i log in, and the moment i start to load the windows GUI it starts to purr, (Like a cat) then it knocks, and knocks some more, spools up and down in speeds, still knocking away, then after about 15 seconds...all gone?

After that its perfectly fine no more noises. Whats up with it?
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  1. Just like you, I've read in several sites and forums that the sound it makes is perfectly normal and it's just the way the drive is made.
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