Tooltips and various effects causing cpu spike

I have a problem with windows 7, have no idea what really cause these it so i'll try explain what happens.

Whenever i move the mouse over something that has a tooltip appear the system instantly slows down for a second. I "fixed" this problem by removing the "fade" effect on the tooltip. However the problem is still here - but in other ways. For example i use mpc movie player it works fine and all... except the tooltips that appear in the program. I have mpc running currently at 2% cpu usage. When i move the mouse over the movie scroller a tooltip appears and... all of the sudden the cpu usage of mpc pops up to 50%. I don't move the scroller or anything, just by the tooltip it jumps from 2% to 50%.

Was that it? No... sadly not. Firefox has another fun little issue. Firefox is currently running at 20% cpu, no big deal. Well, until i move my mouse to bookmarks and just drag the mouse over the entries. All of the sudden... *bam* 50%+. The second i move it away it drops down below 20%. The mouse cursor lags a *lot* when i move it over the bookmark entries. The weird thing is that the overall cpu usage never goes above 50ish percent! It just lags down when i do these things for a short time. Of course the most annoying thing, beside the tooltip, is the lag in firefox. But all programs show these symptoms.

What could possibly cause these problems? One would expect the cpu usage to at least pop up to 99% when this happens, at least it feels like it, but it doesn't happen! It just blows my mind.

My system: 3ghz(no cores), 2gb ram, hd4650.

A note: games work perfectly fine so this problem is limited to windows and applications and their "effects".
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  1. What is your CPU model? Can u run Windows memory diagnostics? Is your W7 x64bit?

    And can u run Malwarebytes full scan to be sure it is clean.
  2. The surprising part of all this is that the cpu never goes above 50-60% in usage, despite these really nasty spikes.

    It's a pentium D. No, it does not have cores but at least it has HT. All these issues are limited to windows 7.
  3. huldu, do u have installed lots of programs?

    Do u clean the system? Use CCleaner

    And defrag regularly? Use Auslogics Disk Defrag

    U can turn off Aero Peek (Window Preview) and indexing

    Read here

    Do u have a graphic card? If not, your CPU works even harder.
    I think it is the today slow CPU and small amount of RAM . Do u have x64 Windows?
  4. It's a very slim win 7. I've tweaked pretty much everything down to a bare minimum. Minimal services are running(thanks to registry mechanic and game booster). It's 32 bit. Reinstalled windows a few days ago so it's also a very clean install. Few programs and very trimmed startup, only 2 programs in the startup.
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