2gb ram. Should i buy 1gb more? difference?

Will it make any difference if i bought another stick of ram for my MSI p35 neo2 motherboard? Currently i have 2gb Crucial DDR2 BallistiX PC8500 CL5
(2.0V, 128Megx64, 240pin, 1066mhz) ram in the machine and it comes a little short in certain applications. I'm now thinking of buying another stick which will make it 3x1gb DDR2 PC8500 ram. Does the odd number disrupt the dual channel that my two ram sticks are currently running at or will it be a1 and b1 running dual channel + a2?

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  1. I believe a P35 runs 1,2 or 4 DIMMs, but not three. Dual channel requires matched pairs in the supporting dual channel sockets. The MB manual under RAM installation.


    Page 3

  2. you will get 50% more memory (volume) and loose 50% bandwidth (back to single channel), also stability might be an issue with stick count, and it would more then likely be a different build/kind of ram - not matched in any way

    get a matched pair (2x1gb or 2x2gb), if your running the old XP dinosaur i wouldnt bother it doesnt know how to use any more then ~2gb, and limited to ~3-3.5gb anyhow

    msi yuck....
  3. Thanks!
    I'm on vista.. @apache_lives what's so bad about MSI? I've been nothing but satisfied with their products. I've been satisfied with most products.. except nvidia but that's a different story :P
  4. Hmm those RAM are kind of old.. but yeah, maybe i should get some cheap 2x2 kingstons.
    Will the preformance dramatically change? I have vista 32 bit and i take it that it can't read all of the 4gb anyway, wont it just be a waste then?
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