Hi Im a Noob with computer hardware! But I need help!

I wish to buy a motherboard(MOBO) and i dont know which one is good to pick! i was hesitatiing between ASUS and GIGABYTE!

btw im buying the i7 processor so obviously ill be buying a motherboard that supports it :)

Please help,
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  1. Get the Asus PX58D Premium, if you can afford it... It is very user friendly, which is what you want for your first build... The manual is also very thorough than most... Goodluck mate...
  2. Are you planning on getting an i7 9xx or an i7 8xx? They use different sockets, so it makes a big difference. If you are getting an i7 9xx, then the Asus PX58D premium chefboyeb listed is a great board, but quite expensive. If you need a cheaper alternative, the Asus Px58 series are all good, and there are some with a few less features that are still great boards.
    If you are looking at an i7 8xx, then take a look at the MSI P55 series -the P55-GD80 is fantastic, but you can get the P55-GD60 for a bit less and still have a great board.
  3. first of Thank you very much all of you for answering. Ok so im planning to buy this:

    Intel Core i7 960 Quad-Core Socket LGA1366, 3.2Ghz, 4.8GT/s QPI, 8MB L3 Cache, 45nm

    so according to your answers, ASUS is better than Gygabyte??/

  4. They're similar, though Asus probably has the better reputation overall. I'd call them about the same quality.
  5. well according to some info online it seems that gygabyte has a longer dyrability! so is it true???

  6. Not necessarily. Gigabyte has some features, such as some heavier copper layers in the board, that they claim help their durability, and thats probably true, but honestly either of them will probably last past when you are ready to upgrade again.
  7. thank you very much for ur help so far! so which ASUS board should i buy???

  8. Asus PX58D Premium
  9. where can i order it from?
  10. Newegg.com would do...
  11. Agreed- Px58D Premium from Newegg would be great, assuming you are in the US:-)
  12. flyinfinni said:
    Agreed- Px58D Premium from Newegg would be great, assuming you are in the US:-)

    But you which rams shoudl i get??/ which is the best rams provider???

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