How to recover data from apple harddisk with windows 7

Hello,my iMac G5 crashed and now I want to recover the data on the harddisk, I working with windows 7
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  1. Try dual booting your os get hold of a version LInux personally i would recommend a red-hot version like Fedora. once in your Linux OS try pick up the drive and see if you are able to pick up the files.
  2. I would try to use total commander plugin that mount foreign patititon types
  3. oops worry only work on linux partition
  4. Dont what do you mean? LOL
  5. Use a liveCD of a linux distro. I prefer Ubuntu so the choice is yours. Then you only need to access the hard disk like any other media. It may be possible that you need to download some files so that linux can read it. It all depends on the distro you use and if it came already capable. It is easy to get any hard disk from any computer to work inside linux. You will be able to retrieve data and format the whole thing. Beware, linux is good at FAT formatting but NTFS never worked correctly whenever I tried to. That is where Windows comes into play.

    Linux does anything and everything, Windows then plays with it. :-D
  6. Yeah correct just touching on that you do not need to even install just run from the disck rom forgot about that feature with Linux =)
  7. You can download free trails to test which software works best for you to extract the files. I used R-Studio. It runs on both Windows and MAC systems, Extracts all files from HFS/HFS+ (MAC) FAT/FAT16/FAT32. NTFS/NTFS+ (windows based). Works very well...time consuming, and restores files from ROOT, Recovers files off damaged or even formatted drives.

    Hope this helps
  8. Had a quick look at there website they look pretty thorough but that might be more for the data recovery side, tuesday as far as im aware only needs to access the existing files on his drive, there is no data recovery needed as the data is already there? Sorry if im mistaken.
  9. If all you want to do is to mount a working HFS / HFS+ volume on a Windows 7 box, then use HFSExplorer (freeware):

    If you have any difficulties, the following thread may help:
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