What Do You Recommend I Should Buy??

ok not too sure where i should post this but here should work.

currently i have..

OCZ 2gb 800mhz ram
XFX 2x 9800gt SLi

and i notice no difference with SLi. someone told me i need a new mobo and a 64 bit OS which i can't buy atm. so..

should i get 2 more gb of ram or a gtx 260?? which would help me more?

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  1. Do the games you play support SLI?

    Did you enable SLI in the nVidia control panel?

    Did you attach the SLI bridge?
  2. 1. im pretty sure. nba 2k10, Fuel, Crysis, Fallout 3. all the same with and without Sli enabled.

    2. Yes

    3. Yes

    if it matters i play at 1440x900.

    also i keep reading 9800 gt sli edge out GTX 260...
  3. what is your cpu, maybe cpu is the bottleneck?
  4. q6600 @ stock
  5. well it shouldnt be big bottleneck, tried to overclock it??
  6. to 700Mhz core clock with EVGA Prescision and i didnt notice but a few FPS increase.
  7. it may help to overclock the processor because all games dont utilize all cores and then clock speed comes in and 2.4ghz isnt very fast, especially when you have 2 gpu's. here is a guide how to overclock your processor: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/page-240001_11_0.html
  8. i don't think i can OC my CPU with my mobo/BIOS. i don't have an M.B. Tweaker option. its just not there. here's my bios..

  9. thats not bios, you come to bios when you start up your pc you need to push a button, i have delete for example.
  10. no i meant that was the version of my BIOS. sorry. i think they locked my BIOS somehow for some reason.

    and to give you an idea of how bad it is i get 15-25 frames in a gunfight in Crysis with SLI! seems crazy to me.
  11. sry for not giving an answer for some time, i went to bed haha :D well you could try to flash to newest bios maybe?
  12. what would that do? i read around and someone said they prevent mobos from being overclocked when its not safe. and i also found out there 2 versions of my video card..some green version or something but it won't SLI with my org card.
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