MB audio through SPDIF to graphics card HDMI out - having audio dropouts?

Audio cuts out for a few seconds at a time with our new computer hooked up to our Sony Bravia. We built the system with components from NewEgg. Running XP currently. Everything up-to-date, including system, drivers, bios. Below are motherboard and graphics card info. Any help out there?

VGA GIGABYTE | GV-N96TZL-512I RT (9600 GT, 512 / 256)

When audio is run through optical, directly from MB, no cutting. So, it has to be video card, SPDIF connector or the pins it connects to on the MB. :( Any last suggestions before RMAing the video card to newegg?
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  1. Solved it ourselves. Hubby used 3rd party software to adjust audio settings and toggled from HDMI to SPDIF Output1 and now it's not cutting out. Just in case anyone else runs into the problem.
  2. congratulation.... :)
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