New PC parts replacing a Teacher's Old Parts

I have a teacher thats willing to give this to me as long as i sell his Sony Trinitron 21" CRT G520 and he'll give me this for 50-70$$. If not ill have to pay 100$... Anyways is this worth the 100$ (Im planning on building off of this look below for the specs) He wants to build a media center and have his 50" Plasma Hooked up to the PC hes building now...

Kingwin Blue KT-436 B-WM case

Antec TrueBlue 480W PS

Tripp-Lite 1000vA UPS

Intel P4 – 3.00 GHz HT (800 FSB)

1GB Kingston HyperX PC3200 DDR400

MSI 875P Neo-FIS2R Motherboard

MSI FX 5600 VTDR128MB Video Card
- Driver Version

120GB Western Digital Caviar w/8MB Cache HD
500GB Western Digital Caviar w/16MB Cache HD

Sony DVD-everything Burner DRU-510A


Intel 56k Winmodem

3.5” Floppy


Apacer USB 2.0 7-in-1 Embedded Card Reader

MS Internet PS2 Keyboard

MS Optical Mouse

Sony Trinitron 21" CRT G520 -NEED TO SELL

Win XP Pro Upgrade

What I want to Build (If there is a part missing from here im using one of the older peices)

Monitor: Veiwsonic 24" 2ms Delay, Dynamic Contrast ;)
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 or 965 (Depends on how much i have in the end) (955-165$ 965-195$ on Newegg)
Mobo: MSI 770-C45 AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD (80$ on Newegg)
PSU: 500Watter
Video Card: 9600GT
Mem: (Can you link some good CHEAP DDR3 RAM About 2-3 gigs) High is 50$ for the RAM right now...

And i plan to upgrade the RAM later...

My Budget- About 300$-500$ (Yes Im Very Poor)

Oh, and is it wise to start building computers for money and selling them on Criagslist or Ebay? How much would you charge if I took out the 500Watter and placed the 480 into it and took out the 9600GT and put the MSI FX 5600 VTDR128MB Video Card?

Oh and if he swipes his hard drives and windows is gone, since its the upgrade version would it reinstall on the swiped hard-drive? It might be the full version im not sure...

Has anyone had trouble with the MSI MoBo i have picked out...??? How many Fan Plugs does it have? And can i just plug fans into the Mobo and not the PSU?

Thanks for the help! :hello:
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  1. Assuming you have the Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 530, the 100$ price of that system is really cheap. That should be thesame processor as you have and that ones 115 dollars. So with all the extra stuff it should be cheap.
  2. gidgiddonihah said:

    Oh, and is it wise to start building computers for money and selling them on Criagslist or Ebay?

    If you cannot afford to buy parts in quantity for the discount, it will be very difficult to compete with the big boys on eBay. And if you are a student, you won't have time.
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