Video card issues

I recently installed another 500GB HDD in. And the computer wouldn't start afterwards. So I removed and added components back in and out. And it works without video card in and no shut downs or anything. Even works with the video card installed. but only if I don't have the 6pin installed. It was hooked up with the 6pin that came with the video card. So I figured it's the 4->6 pin connector.

So I bought a new PSU, same 400W. And amazingly it worked great. And no problems whatsoever. But the computer turned off immediately afterwards. And wouldn't boot up at all. Because on my video card I had the video card fan power cord (the tiny white plug) in the wrong slot, so it overheated. And now I'm getting the same issues now with the 6pin again. If I remove it, computer turns on but gives the 6pin not connected error sound. If I remove the video card completely, system works fine. What caused this to happen to a brand new PSU.

Dynex 400W PSU (new one)
nVidia 8800GS PCIe 2.0 video card
HP a1700n mobo
2x 500GB HDD,
1x 120GB HDD,
1x 40GB HDD
1x DVD Burner,
1x CD Burner,
1x CPU stock fan,
1x Side Case fan,
1x LED Back fan,
all 80mm (i think)
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  1. Dynex (Best Buy brand) is not a very good PSU. They are also notorious for piss poor PCI-e power connectors and it's a death trap for multiple HDD set ups.

    That 400 watts is likely just 325 watts continuous and you're pushing a lot of load with it.

    Coincidentally, I just recommended this same PSU in another thread.

    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 470W (5 year warranty) - $59.99
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yeah I kinda figured that.

    Doesn't have the 3 sata cords I need :(
  3. Seasonic 430W (5 year warranty) - $69.99

    Plenty of SATA connectors and modular cabling.
  4. Thank you :).

    Would that overheating have caused my video card to become a paper weight if any?
  5. Very possible. Any chance you could try it in another PC?

    However this just seems like an issue where the PCI-e power connector can't pull enough from the already heavily loaded PSU. That connector grabs 75 watts on its own so if 75 watts is not free to dispense to the GPU, you get problems.
  6. Naw, the only other PC I have is a laptop so that's a no go. Yeah I'm not knowledgeable in the PSU area's and diagnostics of video cards. Never had this problem before.
  7. Best answer
    PSU's are a quirky component. They are one of the least considered component by consumers of the whole computer yet one of the most important. This is likely because they don't have the direct performance factor that's readily apparent with all other components.

    Learning the basics (real continuous wattage, amps on the 12v rails, efficiency at load and brand quality) can go a long way to keeping a system healthy or being the silent cancer of the system.
  8. Yeah there are like over 30-40 different brand (at least on newegg) and hard to tell which is best and what not.

    Before I came here, I used a PSU calculator and recommended something like 540-560W. Yet you recommended 430-450W. It's a lot to configure in mind to buy the right one :P
  9. The psu IS the most important component in your system it is the ONE part that affects all of your computer all the time,having said that,,consider,,that if you are looking for a psu in the 400 to 500 watt range and you can buy a 600 for the same $$ all from good known name brands ,then do so,all psu's draw the same power from the wall outlet [15amp@120volt<>],,,by buying more power that you think that you need there is the possibility that you can take your psu with you through one or more upgrades,thus saving a little bit on general wastage,remember every little bit counts..:)
  10. Oh and with the bigger wattage, a higher electricity bill too ;)
  11. No not really......the more power you draw=the more money you pay....
    If you draw 300 watts from a 400 watt power supply or you draw 300 watts from a 600 watt supply it still equalls the same power useage....300watts!
    This being the point then you want to have a decent power supply that will give you the connections you need and the current to power your system.
    I would look at a Corsair vx550 for all your needs...It has the connections and the amperage for your system and more..(if you upgrade!)
    Hope this helps......JQ
  12. Okay, I bought a new PSU (650W). And my PSU just won't turn on with the video card (6pin) plugged in. But if I pull the 6pin out and leave the video card in it works but the warning sound emits and the fan on the video card spins.
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