For what of the old games

I still have a love for my older games like SFC, MW2, StarCraft, C&C.
With the ever increasing speeds and windows updates (vista, 7) playing them is impossiable.
I am attempting to build an old desktop to still play these games.
I have and AMD 3200+ barton core 400Mhz FSB 512 L2-cache, I am just trying to remember what the very best MB was back in the day? I think I used to have a asus AGP but I can't remember.
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  1. I also have (believe it or not) The last EVGA 7800 AGP Limited Edition Graphics card!

    I know it is not smart or wise to spend money on outdated stuff....but this is just for me and money is really not an issue..

    I just can't seem to find any links to the forums with the killer builds from the early 2000's
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