Overclocking i5 760 on P7P55D-E failure

Hey guys

I have a Core i5 760 2.8ghz and a P7P55D-E XL Motherboard.

I tried following this guy's settings But despite us having the same hardware, when I click save and exit the computer just sits there, still running but the screen is black. I waited a minute or two to see if it would restart but to no avail. So I turned it off manually, turned it back on and then I get a message telling me my overclock failed and I need to reconfigure my settings. So I tried raising the voltage to 1.24 like he suggests in the video but still it refuses to boot back up, it always hangs on the black screen and when I reboot manually I get OC failed.

If it's important this is the ram that I have. I also have a 750w PSU and a GTX480 if that matters.

If anyone knows what might be the problem please let me know.
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    I have the same cpu and first off back down on the clocks. Put the base clock at 162 and keep the 1.24v on the core. That will put it at a solid 3.4ghz with 3.56ghz turbo. If it isn't stable at that then there could be a defect in the board such as the power vrm not working as well as his or you didn't get as good of a sample as he did. Power consumption really begins to spike after 3.4ghz.
  2. I'll try that now and let you know if it works. I was really aiming for 3.1 so 3.4 is good.
  3. Yep that appears to have worked, 3400mhz, good temps; much cooler than his at 3.8 so all is well.

    I'll try running OCCT like he suggests to make sure it's stable.
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