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5-pin HP fan header

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January 8, 2010 4:09:33 AM

Hello to you all

I've been asking this (and other) questions at HP, Suppliers and have a thread running over at

The motherboard started life off as a Tyan S2915-E, but then HP got its hands on it and turned their version into the xw9400, along the way they changed a number of things.
The Service Manual for the xw9400 can be downloaded from, but in the world of computer geekdom, the manual dosen't say much.
It has told me where the front PWR SW has moved to etc

On page 92 of the Service Manual we see figure 4-46, the CPU HSF and the 5 wires, the board advertising says PWM and Tachometer support. Else where I have read stories how some HP 4pin fans have two grounds and both have to be joined (so the fan is really just a 3-wire fan

as seen in figure 4-46 (the bracket=] is the guide at the back of the plug)
]o----- Yellow (PWM?)
.o----- Black (GND?)
.o----- White (tach/sense?)
.o----- red (12v?)
]o----- Black (GND?)

Xigmatech 4pin fan
]o-----bLACK gnd
.o-----RED +12V
]o-----WHITE sense (tach)
.o-----BLUE control (PWM)

So, to get my fans working I may need to re-wire them
black (bridge with pin#1)

Does anyone know?
Would you agree with my analysis?
Any other motherboard suggestions?

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January 11, 2010 2:46:29 AM

I've now written to Foxconn, they seem to make fans for HP
I wrote to HP yesterday saying how they should publish info about out of date motherboards
thus giving second life
That maybe they could sell us adapters making these boards more like clones etc
a b V Motherboard
January 11, 2010 4:02:51 AM

So were you able to get the fan working properly? :) 
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January 11, 2010 11:35:58 AM

r_manic said:
So were you able to get the fan working properly? :) 

Haven't fired it up yet, am still unsure, but am leaning towards

Both GNDs have to be connected, HP does this to prove that a cooler is connected

Have you read the stuff over at 2cpu
I just found a whole lot of new stuff from

there is a pic there for the front panel switc etc, but my earlier post from which a diagnosed the replacement part shows other things
I think we are getting mixed up on different board revisions

I bought one of the china eb** clones
another china auction site shows cartons of the things - about 10 mobos p/carton
These boards are either pre-runs from HP china factory, or
some silly chinaman decided to prirate a board with loads of proprietay stuff (very silly)
August 28, 2010 10:12:39 PM

Has anyone figured out the HP XW8400 AMD Opteron dual CPU motherboard fan 5 pin f an connectors? I don't think the information above is correct. I am measuring the following voltages on the 5 pin header: looking at the header with the ridge away from you
Pin1: 3.3v
Pin2: 3.3v
Pin3: 3.3v
Pin4: 12v
Pin5: 0v (Ground)

Doesn't anyone out the there have an OEM HP XW9400 that they can advise on the voltages and wires?