Need Harddrive opinions for new gaming pc

Currently, i have an old amd dual core and some other componants but im basicly building a new one so i was gunna buy (and already bought):

i7 920 cpu the ones linked seem expensive,i bought from from frys electronics for $280 but had to return it and they have 0 left, so forced to order one online.

6gigs ddr3 10600 tri way crucial 2g sticks

antec 1000w (already bought)

MSI x58 platinum sli (already bought)

Harddrive is what im hung up on. I would have bought the 1tb wd caviar black if they had it in store, and sense im having to order parts online i might as well take a closer look at other HDs and possibly the 650gb. I dont want to spend money on a raptor but if i find a good deal somewhere id love one. I originally was just gunna get a 320g 16m western digital for like 50 then decided nah $100 for a 1tb caviar black. But I didnt know if the 650 being smaller, i think it has 1 less plate? would perform better? I read some benchmarks somewhere it was actually barely behind the 1tb in some tests, and in like 1 or 2 rare tests it was barely ahead. Just looking for suggestions on HDs.

If thats tltr im wondering whether performance wise to go with a smaller caviar black or larger 1tb, or possibly other. I kinda want one of those though. Im a little confused as to why a 1tb with same buffer caviar black doesnt perform as much as a 2tb. And if this applies to 650 vs 1tb.

onto graphics card i already have (1) 8800gts, and just gunna use that in the new comp, but wanted to in the future do sli hence psu and mb.
dvd burner i already have as well, will just be putting it in new one.

Interested on thoughts on harddrive and how much difference will it actually make. Again i game alot, i download alot which inturn leads to converting alot of things and burning on dvds.

If people need to know, i have a 20in samsung 206bw

Thanks for the help
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  1. You still get the i7 920 for about $280...

    And as for the RAM, I would suggest this...
    $100 for this RAM is a solid deal...
    OCZ Platinum 1333MHz

    As for the HDD, you have chosen the right drives...the WD Black are very good HDDs, and the real world performance difference between the 1TB and the 640GB drives are negligible...So going with either is good...

    You can take a look at these HDDs too..
    Samsung F3 500GB...These are also very fast drives and perform close the Blacks...

    And a suggestion on the graphics card...
    Currently there are more powerful graphic cards available under $300, that can beat the 8800GTS SLI in most of the benchmarks...So rather than going with SLI, upgrade to a single powerful card...
  2. Thanks alot for the help, I currently and probably for awhile, am just gunna keep using the 8800 and ya, i didnt intend to probably sli with it, but got the mb and psu so i could sli in general in the future. The 8800 does what i need it to do currently with an amd x2 6600 and 2 gigs. But im gunna check out cards as well, though itll be dangerous! Because ill probably end up getting a new card.
    But thanks ill make sure if i do upgrade it wont be a 2nd one, rather than 1 better card.
  3. As far as Disk Drives..whats more important speed or capacity?..if you can afford go ssd with a hard drive to get the best of both worlds..if not..jus get an wd black..they are great drives for the price.
  4. Samsung F3 500GB! Have it and love it, fast too and cheap!
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