Red led fan controller that can do 9 fans? havnt found one yet..

please help all i see is blue ones, its for a 5 1/2 bay i can only use one bay
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  1. I use the Lamptron FC6

    You can change the LED colour, it has 4 channel's at 20W each, an average 12V fan will use about 3-4W each so you could connect roughly 5 fans to each connector.

    The only problem is if you want to control all fans independently then you'd need a controller with 9 connectos

    Here's another
  2. I'm having a very difficult time finding an acceptable fan controller as well. I had not discovered this Lamptron series, but generally with fan controllers from what I can see a lot of them are unreliable and not very robust.

    I'm trying to find something relatively specific, yet not out of the blue:
    1. Simple design
    2. Displays all 4 (or however many) temps with individual knobs for control
    3. Displays all 4 fan levels (in RPM or %, I don't really care which)
    4. "Warning" system to where if I didn't turn a fan level up to supply adequate cooling for a CPU/GPU that it would warn me via a beep or blinking system.
    5. Robust

    If possible, it would be nice to have an auto and manual switch. Auto being a programmable feature in which I can set a temperature vs fan speed profile. I know SpeedFan can do this, but I've had difficulties getting it set up.

    I know this seems complicated and I'm probably asking for something that may not exist since the market for a "control system" cooling for fans in a computer is probably not very wide, so who would waste the resources putting so much time/money into it when not many would buy/use it?

    If anyone knows anything, it would be much appreciated.

    Edit: I'm MOST interested in an external fan controller so I can sit it on my desk. the NZXT LXE has a great unit on the exterior and would be great if it wasn't HIGHLY unreliable. It's the only one I can find that looks half-way decent, but if anyone knows of any that I may have missed, please point me in the right direction!

  3. Possibly the first step would be to make your own post about it, threadjacking rarely yields good advice sorry,
    @Op, can you solder? :-p
    Just thinking that modding a bluelight unit you like may be an easier option...
  4. i was considering 2 controllers 6 channels each but well i dont have enough bays for that unless i take out my hotswaps kinda sucks the pc accecorys makers think everyone out there like blue
  5. and yes i know how to solder and that is a good idea but idk what leds they use different leds use different amounts of power i dont want to buy it then try to get new leds that pull to much or cant hold the amount of power going threw them
  6. Leds use very little power so there wouldn't be an issue there, modding the case to home them is another option, I fitted my 8 channel into the roof under my rad by using a template to drill the holes and mounting it through the roof,
    That would leave your hotswaps as is, or if you go for two drivebay units, mod the hotswap into the case :-)
  7. i found this but then i still have 3 fans to do
  8. That looks quite similar to my nesteq one, although mine is 8 channel,
    If you are up for it, you could check the wattage draw of each fan on full blast and if its less than 15w you can pair fans up on three of the channels, read the label on your fan and calculate wattage as explained here
    You should have plenty of headroom though with 30w per channel
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