Screen going blank at random

I have been facing a Serious Problem with my computer lately ,
the monitor goes blank and the computer freezes and is
unresponsive also the gpu fan starts to run at full speed
like during the boot process before the drivers kick in .
also this is very random does not happen at a specific time
or event like playing games or when the temp is very high .
this happened both with my vista 32 and win7 64 dual boot
and also interestingly it also happened when i was in my bios
settings page before windows even loaded so it must be
hardware problem . please help me out .
I am desperate please reply as soon as possible .
before it causes permanent damade to my computer
and hard disk . Thank you .

My configuration

Inter Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66ghz
ASUS P5Q Motherboard
4 Gb Transcend 800 mhz DDR2 Ram
1tb WD Hard disk
Cooler master 500w Pure power

Thank you
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  1. HMMM,, going by your specs there does not seem to be any reason for this abnormality,,can only suggest that you test your ram with memtest,if you are running 4x1 of ram then that might be something to investigate,4x1 is known to have timing problems with some setups..:)
  2. Try running with only one stick of ram....
    Run mem test86+ on each slot and then do the same for each stick.
    Mark the good ones or place them in a spot that can't get mixed up with the other sticks.
    After your done repot back here.....JQ
  3. Thanks for your reply guys . i used Dr.Wed's Live cd with memtest86 and ran the default test on both of my transcend 2gb DDR2 800 DIMM CL5 ram cards . it ran without any errors . and surprisingly did not go blank even after a few hours . so what should i do now . i still feel there is some problem with my graphics card .
    Previous problem include :
    1. loose contact of the graphics card to mother board so computer will not start (p5q does not have an inbuilt graphics)
    2. on certain starts there will be short horizontal line on the screen moving horizontally wit different colors and will go off if i restart .

    hope this helps
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