Strange problem with reported CPU temp

I just installed a c2d e8400, and it seems to be working great. That is, except for the fact that bios reports my cpu temp as 84 degrees celsius no matter what (88 according to speedfan.) Weird thing is, the reported temp never changes, and both cores are idling around 30 degrees while my system temp is usually 40-60. Thus far, the system has been totally stable under stress (I tried running mass effect for a bit to see if it so much as slowed down, and it didnt.) Should I be worried, or do I mostly likely have a damaged sensor or something?
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    I use coretemp for my msi board. It's very accurate. Speedfan or your bios may be off. If you've installed your cpu heatsink correctly, and your system is stable, I would leave it alone. You can check for bios updates on your board's website, but a bios update might not address your issue. Some newer bios create more problems than the original.
  2. I did a bios update a couple months ago so all 4 gigs of my memory would show up. I guess that update must have done something funky, cause I just flashed to the newest version and its working fine now. Thx for the tip.
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