Is it worth over-clocking my AMD radeon HD 6850

Hi all. Im considering overclocking my AMD radeon HD 6850 to get alittle extra somethin out of it. So far ive used the amd vision engine control and maxxed out the GPU clock settings to 850Mhz. But it doesnt seem like enough. Is it worth it to go another step and get it higher? if so, how do i do it? What are my limitations? i was hoping to maybe get like 950-1000Mhz. Is this possible?
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  1. alyoshka said:

    Thanks for the reply. Judging by what ive read in your provided links that would definately seem like my best road to take. The thing is, i couldnt find any information telling me how to do that. Would you know? could it be harmful to my system?
  2. It won't be harmful to the system, but you could end up with a dead card.... that is something all of us who have Flashed their GPUs know, that the risk that is taken.
    You'd need 2 to 3 tools to do it. One would be ATI Flash, One would be WinFlash and RBE.
    Also you'd need to save your current BIOS on the GPU to a file that you could access later if you need to reflash it back to normal factory conditions.

    You can get those utilities here...

    I would suggest going through the steps atleast 3 to 4 times and making sure you have everything in place and then going ahead with this.
    Do remember to read up on the process, it's simple but requires your attention.
  3. Are the BIOS vendor specific? Can I do this on my Sapphire HD 6850 1GB?
  4. Yes, they are vendor specific.
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