Copy & Paste is cleansing text of Links

Pretty simple - if I copy text with web links and paste, the links are removed. Same across all software, browsers etc. Something's been changed with XP. Any ideas?
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  1. This is odd. At some point yesterday I was able to copy/paste without issue. This morning, it's back.

    Just expanding on the problem, which is again across ALL platforms - here is a specific problem in Excel. I can not copy formulas....and the only Special Paste functions are Unicode Text and Text (2) when there are normally 18-20 options. Very odd.

    Interestingly, I can still copy by dragging a formula to an adjacent cell. Again, its across all platforms....I can only copy text within or across any program, window, browser, etc.
  2. The Skype app that ID's phone numbers seems to be the problem. I updated the app and no problem.
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