Problem with GTX 260?

I just finished putting a computer together with my friend. It is a Phenom II X3 820 with using Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P with Muskin DDR3 Ram Rated 1300. I ran memory test in Ubuntu and made 1 pass with 0 errors so I don't believe that is the problem. I have the XFX 260 Core edition GX-260X-ADJC. I have done the latest drivers provided by Nvidia in both Ubuntu and Windows 7. When I do normal startup works and loads fine in both Ubuntu and Windows 7. However in Windows 7 when I run COD4 the computer crashes during game play and does a memory dump and restarts the computer. On the restart the Gigabyte screen comes up and is pixelated and continues to pixelate until power is turned off in back of computer and wait awhile and turn back on and computer is back to normal. I just wanted a second opinion, does this sound like a video card problem?
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  1. A "pixelated" problem thta goes away after awhile sounds like an overheated card to me. Make sure the heatsink is free of dust, and that the fan is spinning. If the cooling checks out, you might have a bad card.
  2. Im actually in Ubuntu and I can check the Video Card temps and at idle and little loads it is a constant 56 degree Celsius. Im thinking I will RMA the video card and get the exact same card and see if it fixes the problem. I have not bought way to many parts to know but I have never received a part that would not work. But is it possible it is just a bad card out of the box? Just doesn't work?
  3. Another question when putting the computer together me and my friend noticed the GTX 260's fan would not start simultaneously with the delayed then would come on. Is that normal or a defect in the card?
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