Asus 570 DCUII Overclocking Problems.

Can you brilliant minds help?

I have an Asus 570 DCU2 which at stock runs like this

745mhz clock speed
1500mhz shader clock
3800mhz memory clock
1v core voltage.

When I run it stock every game but Skyrim crashes with driver errors how ever if I increase the clocks and voltage even slightly (10mhz and 1.038v) everything but Furmark runs fine. Furmark however crashes 5-7 mins in to the 15 min 1080p benchmark. It can't be heat related because the card doesn't reach 70 degrees before furmark crashes.

Did my luck fail me and I got a card that doesn't overclock or am I doing something really wrong? It's annoying when I hear people getting much higher on stock voltage and I get a BSoD
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  1. what are your system specs
  2. alvine said:
    what are your system specs

    I5 2500k
    Asus z68 pro
    Asus 570 dcu II
    Corsair Vengence 8gb
    Corsair 750w HX (silver)
    Coolermaster 212evo
    Coolermaster HAF X

    Sorry about the late reply and thankful for any help.
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