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Hello all!!!!

I have a problem with graphic card Asus EN8800GT, time to time i get a black-red screen. I need the help to flash the bios but i don't know witch software i have to use for flashing. I'm not convinced if the instructions from the asus support refer to the same software witch we use for flash the motharboard bios or to other one. The bios update exe. i get it from asus suport but the steps for flash the vga bios is not so clear or i can't understeand. I want to specify , i'm not a specialist so i try to solve and also to lern somethink from this problems. Please, help.

Asus Instruction for flashing vga bios:
1. Please download the zip file from our website.
2. Unzip the file.
3. Execute the .exe and flash the BIOS
4. Restart your computer when finish.
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  1. Well, it says right there..."Instruction for vga bios", so I am not sure what you are asking. Just be sure you download the right BIOS version.
    I do not believe that a simple BIOS update is going to fix your problem. This is usually a sign that your video card is ready for the recycle bin.
  2. Unless you really know what you are doing and if the manufacturer recommends it you should NOT flash your video card,you need to look elsewhere for your problem,like is it too hot,or are the drivers properly loaded,or check it in another system,,etc,etc...:)
  3. I forgot to specify the operating system is Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Biti. Wheen i use Xp 64 biti there is nothing wrong, but on Vista time to time I have black-red screen. All drivers are updated. I folow the instruction, execute the exe. and flush the BIOS, how i have to flash the bios, that is my question?
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