Crashes/BSOD after 3.4ghz

Hi guys,

I seem to be at a plateau of 3.4ghz, any higher than that my pc just keeps crashing and BSOD'ing.

System specs:

CM real power pro 650W
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L
Intel Core2 e7500 2.93ghz - Xigmatek Achilles S1284C
Geil Black dragon DDR2800 2x1GB

my settings are:

340mhz x 10
dram frequency latch:400mhz
dram multiplier: 2.00D (which brings my dram:fsb ratio to 1:1)
ram timings 5:5:5:15
Ram voltage original at 1.8v now oc'ed to 2v
cpu voltage 1.33xxxxV

thats pretty much the settings i remember fiddling around with and i know my pc seems abit old but i try to make do and atleast able to squeeze out alittle bit more performance. i've spent pretty much around 6 hours trying out new settings but i just cant seem to get a stable system, i was able to hold at 3.6ghz for awhile but whenever i start a game it BSOD's...

At my current config it seems quite stable, skyrim runs smoothly around 40-60fps, 60 at times. Im still noob on OC'ing and im really trying hard to go for 4ghz with full stability.

Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. You may have just hit the limit for your cpu.
  2. not really, well after 2 days of configuring, momentarily giving up and trying again, its at 3.9ghz right now ive set back all my ram settings to "auto" when i run games right now no problems but when i run stability tests the program crashes...
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