$1200 Pure Gaming Build.

Hello. I'm looking for parts advice for a new computer. Purely for gaming. Right now I have a prebuilt Dell with an 8800gt and an athlon 64 x2. While it does what I need it to do. I feel like since I spend most of my spare time playing games. I should treat myself to something new and better. I have fallen behind on what is the best or close. So I am coming to you guys for advice. The only thing i have picked out is a case. Everything else i have no idea on. Thanks for any help!


BUDGET RANGE: $1200 Before rebates.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming ( WoW, Aion, TF2, CSS , MW2, Borderlands, Crysis)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor.



PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type Whatever is the best. I like AMD / Nvidia. But if Intel / Radeon has good deals / better cards then so be it



MONITOR RESOLUTION: Currently running 1440x900 But i want to jack it up in games!

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Sound isnt a huge problem as I have my headphones on all the time.

This is the only piece i have picked out, So you guys can have something to work off of
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  1. Deals, prices, parts change and with it recomendations in the course of a month or 2 just so you know. So what advice you get now probably won't be the best thing to get by the time it comes to purchase your build.

    Just my little bit of advice, in case you didn't already know.
  2. Thanks assasin, I'm well aware that the deals / parts that are the best now wont stay the same in a months time. I'm not the type of person that has to have the best of the best. I'm just looking for something that will be able to max out games for at least 2 years and wont be obsolete in 6 months.
  3. assasin is right but I doubt newer products will be launched within the 2 months time frame(Except for the graphics card - Nvidia might launch newer cards but still it is just speculative...)

    Here is a list which I feel might still be around for the next 2 months...
    But sure you can expect price drop...

    CPUs - You have 2 good choices - Either the i5 750/ i7 860...Both are very good for gaming and if you want to include a more powerful graphics card and you will be overclocking anyways, I feel the i5 750 would be a good choice...But if you are able to include the 860 in the budget, get that...

    Mobo - There are various models like Gigabyte P55 UD4P, ASUS P55 Pro, which support both SLI and Crossfire...

    RAM - Corsair/ GSKillz preferably with low CAS

    PSU - If you want to go SLI/ Crossfire, get the Corsair 750TX

    HDD - If you want speed, then WD Black 640GB...Even the Samsung F3 series and the Seagate 7200.12 drives are good...

    Graphics card - HD 58xx series cards, which fit in your budget...Maybe Nvidia would launch newer cards but like I said still no concrete date of launch...So keep your options open...
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  5. Awesome ferrex. That is a good baseline for me. After reading some reviews. It seems like a single HD5850 will do the job fine. So i can divvy that $300 bucks elsewhere. Maybe on some better ram. Also. Is quad-core going to affect the way any of my games play, Or is it just an issue of the games not utilizing all the cores.'
  6. Since your only going to have 1 5850, that leaves 300 for...

    - 199.99

    CPU [...] 6819103674 - $180

    - 139.99

    PSU [...] 6817371022 $105

    And as for your case, thats up for you to decide.. Just make sure it fits ATX motherboards. Those are some quality parts, might not be the BEST for the price, but if you want them to last it's well worth the extra 10 - 20$
  7. Some games still only use one core. Newer games and gaming engines are making better use of multiple cores so over the next couple years having more cores will continue to have more and more impact.
  8. You said your running at 1440x900, is that the native resolution of your monitor (19")?
    Increasing your resolution above native in games would not make a difference.

    If so it is not worth your while to go SLI/crossfire, as you only start to see the benefits of multi-card rendering at higher resolutions.

    However, if you really want to treat yourself you should spend some money on getting a bigger monitor, it would enhance your gaming experience much more than upgrading from an 8800gt.
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