my friend has this mobo 785G GAMA785GPM Us2H

the place where mouse and key board are fixed are combined in a single pin how do i fix both mouse and keyB
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  1. Your manual plainly states: "PS/2 Keyboard or PS/2 Mouse Port. Use this port to connect a PS/2 keyboard or PS/2 mouse." Obviously. the other will have to be a USB unit...
  2. thx a lot

    but can i connect a usb mouse and ps/2 keyb
  3. If you do get a USB Keyboard, don't forget to enable it in bios first, so you can use your new keyboard to change bios settings. (sheepishly) I had to pull out the old one to do it.
  4. Thanks for (sheepishly [:lorbat:6] ) reporting this! It's a point for me to know - on all the boards I've tested (limited to Intels), I've not seen one that seems to 'care' about this setting - enabled or disabled, USB keyboard 'just works'...
  5. Then you should buy a GA-MA785G-UD3H or similar board, bilbat.

    As has been mentioned in other threads, that board will drop a USB Keyboard at random for no apparent reason. It'll drop at start-up, in the BIOS, in the OS, in games, and in the middle of nothing while idle. Meanwhile, the F5B beta BIOS "fix" doesn't actually solve the problem. The problem will rear it's ugly head on different boards as well. With three AMD-based GB boards at my disposal, I've experienced the problem occurring on two of them - MA785G-UD3H and MA790X-UD4P. I haven't used the 3rd system (MA78GM-US2H) enough myself to have encountered the issue on that machine, and it's primary user hasn't reported such an occurrence to me, yet.

    The problem with this issue is it's totally random. It just happens "sometimes," leaving the user frustrated and without recourse because it cannot be replicated through any specific action, meaning an RMA will be inconclusive and you'll just waste your money shipping it to and fro.
  6. With the MA785G-UD3H, I'm using a Saitek Cyborg Keyboard, and the only clue I had at first was "Hey, where the hell did my LED lights go?". Since making the change in bios, I haven't had a problem.
  7. Henry, which BIOS version are you using? Factory shipped F4, shipped F5, or downloaded F5B?
  8. Unh-hu! Another item for my "why I don't 'do' AMD" list...
  9. lol, billbat, I have a Q9550 and a 955 BE system, I just close my office door and let them fight it out. :lol:

    Razberybandit, I'm running shipped F4, I haven't check for an update, but when I upgraded from a 245 Regor to the 955 BE I think I checked the Gigabyte site and it listed the F4 for the 955 at that time. Let me know if you think I should upgrade, but I haven't had any problems.

    EDIT: I just checked Gigabyte site and they call for F3 for the 955 BE C3 stepping. I have always been told with bios, if it ain't broke....Should I update? It runs fine, cool and stable @ 4 Ghz. Tops out at 55c with Prime95 small fft. I currently have it at 3.8 Ghz 24/7 on multiplier only.
  10. Problem with CPU support issues is microcode 'errata' fixes - you won't know 'till it 'bites 'ya!' If you save CMOS to either floppy or USB stick before flashing, it's easier to get back to where you were, both with the new BIOS, or, god [:lorbat:5] forbid, with the one you have to flash back to... I can hardly count how many GB 'beta' BIOS I have flashed, and I've only ever had to 'step back' one time...
  11. Unless there is a compelling reason, bilbat, I think I will leave well enough alone, I don't like messing with flashing BIOS.

    I was curious, I just benchmarked both systems, never done it before. The Q9550 @ 3.6 Ghz and the 955 BE @ 4.0 Ghz. The Intel got stomped, by about 400 points for CPU in 3DMark06. :ouch:, but the Intel had the smackdown in graphics. The Intel is still my favorite.

    Sorry King, I didn't mean to hijack your thread, I was just ramblin'. If I have offended I apologize. :hello:
  12. bilbat said:
    Thanks for (sheepishly [:lorbat:6] ) reporting this! It's a point for me to know - on all the boards I've tested (limited to Intels), I've not seen one that seems to 'care' about this setting - enabled or disabled, USB keyboard 'just works'...

    i have had a couple of motherboards, , that when i did a clean install, i had to have usb enable..otherwise i could not use the keyboard while installing windows. when i booted the computer, and says hit a key to start installing the dvd, the usb setting had to be enabled, otherwise , i could not use my usb keyboard.....so i had to use a ps2 keyboard or reboot into the bios and make necessary changes.
  13. If you happen to recall which "couple of motherboards", never know but it might help someone in the future [:bilbat]
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