Cloning 3Gb/s to 6Gb/s Drives

How would you clone 3Gb/s hard drives in RAID 0 to 6Gb/s hard drives in RAID 0?

Due to failure of earlier drive re-installed Windows in two new 3Gb/s drives but ended up completely rebuilding computer and want to replace current drives to two 6Gb/s and need to authenticate Windows 7 soon.
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  1. It shouldn't be any different from cloning any other sort of drive, I think. The SATA III doesn't affect the way the drive acts.
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    As long as both raids are setup already the copy program only sees it as copying one drive to another.
  3. There is no problem in cloning SATA 3.0 GBps to SATA 6.0 GBps, but your patitions and sector sizes have to be cloned as well.
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  5. Thanks for your help!
  6. windows7 have a feature that is 100% hard drive upgradable though you need an external hdd to cross over did it to my mothers system but only for upgrading hdd
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