New IDE cable is not working?

I bought new 40 pin IDE cable for connecting my DVD drive with motherboard. When I connected my DVD drive it is not detected at all in BIOS. I also tried connecting it with CD drive and same problem, Infact no power is coming into my CD drive but with my old IDE cable its coming. Also it took plenty of time for BIOS screen to display with my DVD drive connected.
I even tried to make a proper hole in one of the center hole which was partially closed with plastic by using a pin. But still same problem. So anything wrong with IDE cable? Any tampering must be done with new IDE cables for it to work or we can use it as it us? Please help. Thanks.
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  1. Sounds to me like the IDE cable just doesn't work. Considering you can use the old cable and obtain functionality.

    If the old cable works, why are you trying to use a newer cable?

    Also, Power is supplied to the CD/DVD drive unit by the Molex power connector. Not the IDE cable. The IDE cable is for data transfer only. You might double check to be sure your power cable is properly connected, just in case it has become loose since you've been adjusting things.
  2. No I am trying new IDE cable because my old IDE cable seems faulty since while reading data its throwing error like "File is missing..." etc..
    And as soon as I remove that new IDE cable, power is coming into my CD drive but when it is inserted into my CD drive, no power is coming(not able to eject my drive). And with DVD drive, its taking hell lot of time to boot up the PC, but without that IDE cable its normal.
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