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I need some help, I just purchased a 22" Dell Monitor S2209W, opt. resolution 1900X1080. I have an older Dell PC Dimension 2400, does not have DVI-D compatibility, has VGA cable, which I used, monitor works fine for about ten minutes and then gets all distorted, highest possible resolution is 1600X900, Intel R Extreme Graphics Card, 82845G/GC/PE/GO. If I got DVI-D to VGA adapter will that solve the distortion problem or is my graphic card out of date and need to upgrade the card?. If anyone could help me on this I'd be thankful.
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  1. I think u need a GFX card....since the lower resolution works its only logical that ur current GPU could not handle the elevated resolution.....u may want 2 purchase a card 2 enjoy ur new monitor....
  2. thanks for the help that was it , bought new card GE Forced 8400 , and good to go
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