Firewire plug issues-hp m7640n

First off- Jeez, I hate HP's. Okay- I have a HP m7640n with a bad mobo, replacing it with a very basic mobo MB FOXCONN M61PMV AM2 GF6100 RT (cheapest on newegg), which works for me, 'cause I am dropping a 9500 Phenom in there with it, but the problem I am having is... no firewire plug on the mobo to attach to the case's 1394 built in plug. So, I looked at newegg again, and it seems that all the affordable firewire pci cards that they have, have a internal connector that is a firewire (described as a 6 pin)plug also... where my plug is a 9 pin, usb type plug. So my question to you all is... adaptors, better 1394 card, why did you buy a HP? Actually the last part is easy, $50 for every thing except a working motherboard for use as a kid's/ 2nd computer...(no, they don't touch my laptop).Any and all suggestions!
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  1. Do you need the firewire? I have never used my firewire connections on my PCs.

    Here's one for you
    It's got the 9-pin internal hook up.
  2. Yeah, I need the Firewire for a older sony dv? camcorder... I see the 9 pin connection on this card... I got so use to seeing the 6 pin on the side of the cards, I think I was disregarding the top of the board! (snake/bite me). Thanks for "bringing my eyes back into focus!"
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