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Hey guys, I have been having some problems with my system for the past couple of days. Last night I had a problem with my computer freezing every 30 seconds or so, and Windows refused to respond, but after a few seconds it would unfreeze, but after the forth or fifth time it seems as if Explorer.EXE would outright crash and refused to respond, this would happen regardless of what I was doing. I restarted my system and it worked fine. I came home today and my system was also fine, but this time it froze once, then when I rebooted the system I had a dos-style error saying "A disk read error occurred, press CTRL+ALT+DLT to restart" doing so would result in the same error, I also tried the Windows Repair Tool from the disk, and it gave an error along the lines of "integrity checked failed, line 0X45, repair aborted"

Sometimes the system bypassed the disk read error, and the system would just freeze on the "Starting Windows" splash screen.

I also tried to reinstall windows outright, but I got another error: 0X80070845D, with no explanation, just the code.
I tried changing my boot order, but that didn't seem to help, my hard drive it's self hasn't had any problems as far as I know in terms of read/write errors, nor has it made any odd sounds. The system it's self is custom build, running Windows 7 64-bit. It hasn't given me any problems at all until recently. Should I just go and buy a new HDD? Considering I cannot return my BIOS to default setting or removing the CMOS battery (doing so would void my pre-clock warranty, as it was part build on the mobo before I received it.)

Any help or insight would be well appreciated.
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  1. What HHD do you have? you may be able to download some tools from you HDD manufactures website and run them off of the ODD.
  2. I'd download and run a utility to report the hard drive's SMART error counters to see if there's a problem with the drive. It rather sounds to me like you've got one or more bad sectors that Windows is having difficulty with. "DiskCheckup" is one of the utilities that can report the SMART data.

    Of particular concern would be a nonzero number of "pending sectors", which are sectors that contain data which the drive can't read successfully.
  3. I have a Samsung F3 HD103SJ 1TB, it's barely 6 months old, and has had not problems so far. So I'll try the ulitlties when I get home, I presume I just burn them to a disk then get the BIOS to boot from them?

    If for example I have a SMART error, what do I do? I presume with the nonzero errors, the hard drive is completey useless and inacessible?
  4. Smart errors are a sign it's time for a new drive.
  5. It's not terribly unusual for a drive to have a few reallocated sectors. I don't generally consider a few errors as a cause for concern, at least not if the numbers are stable. But if they're increasing over time then they're definitely something to worry about.
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