ASUS WMT-LX & Upgradeware p478

Hello I have an hp pavillion 7960 with a wmt-lx sonic mobo I have an upgradeware p478 with a 2.6 ghz northwood, And just cant seem to get it to work. I am running pc800 rambus and am running bios 2.06. I have the voltage dip set at what the processor calls for. Anyone have any Idea? I'm stuck using a 1.3 ghz right now. Can I possibly find a custom or reverse engineered BIOS? BIOSAGENTPLUS claims to have a newer version than I have but they want 35$ and Ive heard bad things about them. Please HELP!!!!!
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  1. Wait a minute this is your computer?

    Comes with a 1.3 ghz processor. Also it is a Socket 423 not Socket 478.

    What makes you think BIOS is the issue? BIOS would only be the problem if new hardware would not work.
  2. upgradeware p478 socket 423 to 478 adaptor. There is an article on here about the powerleap,pretty much the same. It is bios,I've done this already with a dell dimension 8100,they just happened to have a bios with 400mhz northwood support.
  3. Sorry I worded wrong the machine works,It just wont work with the adapter and cpu. so you are absolutely right that BIOS would only be the problem if new hardware would not work.
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