What can i do with this system??

Ok so this is the 3 year old system in question: I have had great service from this computer with very little if no problems

Gigabyte GA956P-S3
450w Ez cool PSu
Core 2 Dual E6400 2.13Ghz
2 GB Corsair DDR2
Sapphire 4850 512mb (was originally a 7950GX2 but upgraped last year)
Seagate 320Gb 16mb Sata2
20" View sonic + 42" 42LG6000 LCD
LG GGC-H20L Blu ray drive ( A friend has offer a 4850 for this drive but as Mobo cant have xfire is have declined for the moment)

I currently use it for gaming, mainly FPS, COD series, OFP: DR, Fallout 3, Empire T/w, fifa, crysis etc etc etc

What I am looking to do is get the best improvement for about 2-300 euros now (max $450) But I really dont know which way is best.. :S

Or am i just putting off buying a complete new system?

Thanks for your advise on this guys!!!
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  1. Not sure where you buy your parts, so I'm not going to post links. That 320GB Seagate sounds like it's pretty old, get a Samsung F3 500GB and make that your primary drive. Another 2 GB of RAM would be reasonable, you're probably using a 32-bit OS, but the additional 1.5 GB of usable RAM you get will be worth the money. Buy a better aftermarket CPU cooler, something like a Xigmatek Dark Knight, or Scythe Mugen II, and then spend a little time to learn how to overclock if you don't already know how to, you'll be able to squeeze plenty more performance out of your system, and probably won't even come close to your max budget.
  2. Thanks Wathman... I wasnt expecting an answer like that to be honest :D

    I'm on a 64 bit system atm but will be changing back as I really dont gain any benefit as I can see. But sure another 2Gb of ram would be a good move.

    I have "played" around with o/c my cpu and found it happy at 2.8Ghz but set everything back to default as apart from a 20cm side fan as extra there is no aftermarket cooling.

    I am heading towards a quad Q9550 which i can get for 175euro which i think should just fit in place of my old one?? and maybe then in the next month or so a new mobo and psu to run the extra 4850 that i can have?
  3. if you are planning on going with a new motherboard in the near future, I would recommend not getting a Q9550. The newer P55 chipset is what you'll want in a new board, and the core i5 performs better and costs less than the Q9550. If you buy a Q9550, you will be committing yourself to LGA 775 socket which is on its way to being obsolete. There will be no new CPUs made to fit the older socket. The only real drawback to going with the core i5 and P55 chipset is that you will have to buy newer DDR3 RAM to go along with it, and can't reuse what you already have. At least DDR3 prices have dropped in price so there really isn't any difference in cost for DDR2 or DDR3 RAM.

    As for running an extra 4850, you really will need a new PSU. A 550Watt unit at least, though 650Watt would probably be better. I'm not too familiar with European pricing, but over here, I'd estimate a computer overhaul to a core i5 system would cost $500 - $600 here, depending on options.
  4. i really think a new motherboard is needed as I feel limited with the 1 slot for the grapics card especially with the 2nd 4850 available so it looks to me like the P55, i5 and 4Gb of ddr3 and 650psu :??:

    I guess thats the christmas present to myself sorted :) next the wife's
  5. I just found someone selling a used Quad Extreme QX6700 at a very low price. would this fit straight into my motherboard? And would you think this will show an improvement for 100euros?
  6. it should, can't remember off hand but if the cores are clocked higher than your current one, it definitely will be better. To check for compatibility, you can see if it's supported at your board's manufacturer site. If anything, you may need to do a bios update
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