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I am doing a new build and posted in the new build forums asking for advise days ago and got nadaaa nothin, just got buried in the other posts. I do have a question that maybe one of you might answer and give me your opinion.

I am reading alot regarding the new ssd and I am wondering if I should wait to buy a 120 gig till the bugs are worked out or now?

I did see this today at the egg:

My question is if I do a new install win 7 64bit now on a regular hd,(upgrade from xp)or to put operating system and programs on a ssd now and just use a cloning program(some kind)to move it from the regular hd to the ssd later.

Or just break down and buy it now? Am I seeing boogie men regaridng the new technology?

BTW I am using office 2010 and docs, movie downloads, internet ***, Porn! and light gaming.
Honest son of a bitch huh? Yea you all are too...

Anywau advise or suggestions Please.


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  1. What do you have now for a hdd , if conventional how big , and is it new or does it have files on it. With the info I have right now this is what I would do. Get the SSD from Newegg and put your OS on it. Have a secondary hdd 1 to 2 tb for storage. When you install the SSD make sure you change the storage config from Ide to AHCI , this will optimize the SSD. 120 gb is kind of small to do everything so you either need a bigger SSD or secondary hdd.
  2. About 1% of users have BSOD and/or stuttering problems with the drive. Firmware version 2.11 is supposed to have helped 99% of those having BSOD or stuttering issues. Another firmware update is supposed to be coming in about 2 months to help those that still have issues after updating to 2.11.

    It’s up to you to decide what to do. If you decide not to purchase the OCZ drive the Crucial M4 is a good alternative.

    If you buy the OCZ and have no problems with it, do not update the firmware until all issues have been resolved.
    "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" :D
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