Hello, my mobo is p5vd1-x and it has a pcie x4 mode, what kind of graphics card can i put it on? for gamings.
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  1. I can't think of many graphics cards that are PCIE x4 - the standard for modern ones is PCIE x16.

    Looking up your model, it seems that you do have a PCIE x16 slot and and AGP slot. You could select many newer model graphics cards, as long as you have enough power.

    You might run into a bottleneck with your CPU, etc, but it all depends on what you want to do with it anyway.

    What's your main purpose for the computer?
  2. You can install any PCI-E GPU, but don't even think install a 58xx series or something like that, since the slot only can run at x4 you won't see a big performance on the GPU.
  3. For gamings sir. i want to upgrade my pcie g.card but idont know what is the right g.card that i will used to get a high performance on my pc games. for now i got agp atx 9550 (256)model, but the performance sims to be slow. I would like to switch on pcie but like i said my pcie got only x4 mode. can i used g.card 2.0? tnx...
  4. what kind of g.card can i put it on? pcie sir not agp. tnx...
  5. What CPU do you have? What RAM do you have?

    U can install any PCI-E card, the problem will be that your PSU could be not enough and the CPU will bootleneck your GPU.
  6. i have pentimu d 2.80, 1G ram, atx 500w. can you give me some tips of buying the better g.card for this kind of mobo? atlist 512 size or 1G. tnx...
  7. Pls. tell me the right kind of g.card pcie. tnx....
  8. What are the other specifications of your rig? CPU and RAM.
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