Which Nvidia GPU should I buy?

I am an Nvidia man, and own a pair of 8800GT's in sli. Would like to upgrade to a newer and more powerful card. For now I will be starting off with a single card, and later on adding a second. Was considering a GTX 275 from EVGA(I'm a big fan of EVGA due to their excellant support). Will a single GTX 275 even with that large amount of memory be more powerful than my pair of 8800gt's in sli? I know some of the ATI cards are really powerful and cheaper, but I have an EVGA sli motherboard and would prefer to stick with future sli upgrades. Ready to order a new card, need assistance. I'm not real big on stats, so I haven't consulted the charts. NEED HELP!!!
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  1. I'd advise you wait a month or 3 as nVidia are soon to release their next series of cards.

    This means you'll have the option of getter one of the new DX11 cards or getting the GTX275's for cheaper.
  2. Well, the next NVidia card is on the near horizion (New Year, ish) if you can bear those 8800GT's in SLI a little longer. No idea on how it will perform, but just wanted to mention it.
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    A single GTX275 is going to be a little slower in peak framerates but the extra memory should help raise minimum framerates so the effect would be to smooth out gameplay, albeit at slightly lower speeds. A pair will, of course fly.
    I'd also suggest you play the waiting game, though: after all a pair of 8800s' is no slouch!
  4. Thanks guys. My primary reason for wanting to upgrade is that COD Modern warefare 2 is out in a couple of weeks and that will be my primary reason for upgrading. I don't wanna spend more than $300 bucks or so on a card. I would love a GTX 295 but $500 dollar price tag is not an option, plus it will be outdated in no time. Thanks for the replies keep them coming.
  5. Ok, I might just wait until I can afford a pair of 275's. Thanks coozie7.
  6. DX11 will probably be in full swing by then, so you still won't want to opt for a 270 as it's going to be pretty much dated and gt300 won't be in your price range. Looks like your between a rock and a hard place being an Nvidia man.
  7. Well, I think i am just gonna have to wait and see what comes out down the road. Besides it will give me more time to save up for something better down the road. Thanks for all the input guys.
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