Please comment on this budget gaming rig

I am putting together a gaming rig on budget for my nephew. Here is what I plan to put together:

- Windows XP home
- Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition
- Gigabyte GA-MA785, AMD 785G
- Radeon 4870 512mb
- 2x1gb DDR3 (prefer 4gb, but XP 32bit cannot use it all)

My main concern is really with the 2gb of RAM, not sure if it will be a bottleneck in games, as the CPU and GPU are fairly strong for the money.
Please feel free to make suggestions and comments.
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  1. 2GB of RAM with XP should be good. It's like 3GB with Vista.
    Good CPU/MB/GPU combination.

    I can't think of any good reason not to use 4GB of RAM except price. XP should be able to use a bit over 3GB and price difference 2GB->4GB is quite small. A Win7 upgrade? Could happen some day.
  2. How good is the stock fan on PII X3 720? If I plan to do some moderate overclocking, it is going to hold up?

    For this system, would a 400W PSU be sufficient?
  3. Which 400W PSU? I sure wouldn't try to power a 4870 with a 400W PSU. You should be looking for a quality 500W - 550W PSU for that system.
  4. yiplong said:
    How good is the stock fan on PII X3 720? If I plan to do some moderate overclocking, it is going to hold up?
    It's not too bad. But my definition of moderate OC'ing calls for something a bit more robust.
    What case will you be using? How many & what size fans does it have?
    OCZ Vendetta 92mm CPU Cooler $20 a/r
  5. I am thinking about getting the Antec 300:
    It certainly appears to be a solid case for $60, comes with 2 case fans.

    As for PSU, I am not sure whether I should get this one:
    or this one:
    The first one is only 430W while the second one is 500W. I used some wattage calculator online, and it suggests that my proposed system only needs 300W
  6. It looks like the Antec EarthWatt 380W is a solid PSU as well:
  7. The 300 is a good choice, plenty of room for the 4870 and the rest of those parts.

    The PSUs you've listed so far have just a single PCI-e power connector for the video card and 4870 wants 2. You could cobble together the 2nd power lead with the molex to PCI-e adapters that come in the accessory pack of most 4870s. Or you can go with a PSU that has 2 PCI-e connectors for a cleaner look inside the case.
    OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W PSU $40 after rebate Be sure to check the shipping cost on the PSU to your location. You can sometimes a PSU with free shipping that works out to be a better deal.
  8. Do not get either of those Thermaltake PSU's. They're both low quality PSU's with no active PFC, low efficiency, and not enough power output or connections to properly power a 4870. +1 to the OCZ ModXStream 500W PSU WR2 linked above. You do NOT want to try and save a buck on the PSU.
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