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Hello can someone help me? I just purchased the ZALMAN CNPS 9300AT SuperFlo CPU Cooler and have a Dell dimension 4700 however, the pin connection that comes with the fan is different than the pin connector on the Dell dimension 4700 motherboard. Is there a way can make this work? I thought about cutting the wires from my old fan that came with the dell dimension 4700 and saving the connector. This is a 5 pin connector with only 4 wires (white, red, black and blue) the fifth slot on the connector is empty. The new Zalman fan has 4 wires (blue, green, yellow and black) I would like to spliced the wires but wouldn’t know what colors to attach to since the wire colors are different on both fans.

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  1. Dell is very greedy! They are using the 5pin connector so you have to buy only Dell CPU coolers. Dell does the same thing with the other components too.
    But is there a reason you want to use a 3rd party CPU cooler? Did your stock cooler fail, or are you just wanting to keep your CPU cooler?
  2. I want to use 3rd party cooler because they are a lot quieter than the original that comes with my computer. Do you know if there is a way around this issue am having or should I just give up and buy a new pc?
  3. you dont eve nneed to splice. you will observe that on the connecotrs, on one of the sides there are long skinny holes. push the metal things you can see in there and the wires will just flop out so u can trade the cconnectors no spliceing needed!
  4. be careful though... if you get a short your gonna probably damage your motherboard.
  5. why would you get a short if you do as i said?its not splicing or otherwise damaging the cable/wires, its just trading the connectors, LIKE THEY DO AT THE FACTORY. that must be a boring job, putting connectors on fan wires...
  6. it never hurts to be careful lol
  7. true sorry if that seemed bit rude
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