Need Help Tuning Memory please

Hello everyone,

I built my rig a few weeks back with the following components:

Mobo: Asus P7P55D-E Pro
CPU: Intel Core i7 860
RAM: 2x2GB G-Skill DDR3 RipJaw @ CL7 and 1.6V exact model here

My case is properly cooled and I have done some overclocking of the system (for the first time) with care and quite the success. The only thing I do not seem to figure out is whether or not i should be editing the bios timings of my RAM to match the ones stated on the product i.e. CL7 : (7-8-7-24) as upposed tot he settings that the system chose?:

These are the current settings which were auto set when i used the auto tuning utility:

Please feel free to write any suggestions or tips as to what I should do it is the first time I am pushing my rig (first time i have a rig that is worth pushing a bit and tuning correctly) so I am a little scared of burning it out even though I am very careful.

Thanks for your time and help

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  1. Yes, I would recommend manually setting the voltage, timings and speed of your RAM in the BIOS.
    You payed for the high performance RAM, might as well use it!
  2. So just to check with you i should set them as follows:

    If the CL is 7-8-7-24 i should change the settings to:

    tCL: 7
    tRCD: 8
    tRP: 7
    tRAS: 24
    And voltage to 1.65V

    In that intel utility
  3. Yup, that should do it!
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