Out of Vertex 3, M4, or one of the Intel's...which drive would you buy

I'm looking at buying 2 120GB SSD's and I was wondering which of those drives you guys would most recommend. I need to buy 2 smaller drives to keep each item under $300 to get reimbursed by my school. I haven't decided whether to Raid 0 yet or to keep the drives separate to use TRIM. The Vertex 3 and M4 have gotten very reasonable so I'm thinking about pulling the trigger soon. Just looking for opinions. Thanks!
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  1. Wouldn't get the Vertex. I have personally already RMA'd 2/3 of those drives.

    I'd probably go for the M4. They are on sale a lot (newegg shellshocker), and can often be found at around 160-170$ for the 120GB version.
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