An unusual prombel with my tv card

hey guys i am new to this community

i have a problem with my pci tv card. the model is SAA7130 TV CARD VIDEO CAPTURE. its a cheap one but good enough for me.
the problems started about a week ago. when i opened the WINPVR that i watch the tv trought it wasnt showing anything (not the usual black screen but something else like it was stuck with the picture of the background).
i tried to reinstall the driver using the disk and it worked. when the problem become again i tried to reinstall the drivers but it said that no device was found.
when the windows comes up it founds a new device "multimedia controller" and i install it. when i try to install the winpvr program using the disk it writes to me:"please connect the device before the installation".
but its connected and even the windows founds it. when i unmute the line-in from the tv card i can hear the tv. and in device maneger it shown in pci 5 slot. i cant change the slot because my video card blocking them.

what can i do? i am desperate and tried to do everything that i know.
please help me i wanna watch tv (otherless i will go carzy..)
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