New I7 920 Build wont start up?


I just bought all the parts to build a new I7 920 system, components listed below:

Intel Corei7 920 D0 Step SLBEJ
XMS3 Corsair 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600
Antec 650w EarthWatts EA650GB
DVD drive
NVidia GTX 275 g'card

Ive put it all in the case, hooked it up but it seems as though it never gets by the BIOS POST as it never beeps unless i start it up with the gcard on the mobo with no power connected to it. Even when i put no RAM in it it doesnt beep. Ive tried resetting the CMOS by both removing the battery and moving the jumper for 10secs.

Things ive tried:
Using GTS 8800 g'card instead as i thought maybe the PSU couldnt handle it but no joy
Tried a TAGAN 600W DualEngine TG600U25, didnt have higher power PSU kicking about

Any ideas?
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  1. This sticky was created to troubleshoot your exact problem. You should go through every step in the checklist. #2 on the list is the most common problem.

    READ before posting about boot problems!
  2. The antec 650 is plenty of power if its not broken. You plugged both the 6pin pcie and the 6+2pin pcie cables into the graphics card? Both the 24pin and the 8pin motherboard power cables in?

    Try following the stickied checklist and report back.
  3. Thanks for the reply guys, i did try to look at the Sticky before posting but at the time the website would not display the page, i can see it now however and after looking at the list of 1-20 i can see i have tried it all. when i finish work I will look at the suggestions under the list and start working through them.

    The PSU has both a 4 and 8 pin 12V supply for ATX or EPS and i tried both and with the GTX275 i did plugin both PCI 6pins and just 1 for the 8800GTS. What im most perplexed about is that when i start it with no RAM i dont get the BIOS Beeps, do you think the 1600MHz RAM is too much? I checked forums before buying it as Motherboard was 1333 standard but with 1600/1800/2000 OC and forums all said it worked fine.

    Will let you know how i get on later with following the rest of the guide
  4. The cause of no beeps may simply be that your system doesn't have a system speaker. Are you sure your case has a system speaker. I'm pretty sure your motherboard doesn't have on pre-installed.
  5. Good call possibly as the noise giving off by the G'Card plugged into the mobo with no power doesnt sound like a bios beep. How can i get system sound to tell the beeps? Ive plugged in the front panel speakers of the Antec 300 but when i put headset in i get no sound on startup.
  6. The system doesn't output the system beeps to normal speakers. You will have to get a system speaker like this one:
  7. Or snag the speaker out of an old unused PC a friend may have laying around and plug it into the correct spot on the motherboard.
  8. ok so hooked up a system speaker from other PC and no matter what i do the BIOS doesnt beep, if i dont put any memory in it just keeps the fans running on all components (chassis,cpu fan, g'card fan) but never does anything else.

    I use the other PC and it always BIOS beeps once on startup so i know that system speaker works. Also tried my 8800GTS in it again and still wouldnt bring up the screen on my monitor. Phoning my supplier now as i think the motherboard is screwed
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