I7 920 Only Shows One Core

I have an ASUS P6T Board
Intel 920
750 Watt PSU
2x750GB HHD in Raid0

I built this computer roughly 6 months ago. And was using Windows 7 Beta Build 7100. And it worked fine there are 8 cores and my system rating was 7.7 or 7.5.
I upgrade to Windows 7 64bit 7600 after it came out and it worked fine. I installed a CPU moniter gadget and it worked fine for about a week. That when the bars changed colours and didn't look right anymore. I open Task manger and i see only one core. I updated the system rating, and it went down to 5.5. The system has slowed down alot now. CPUID also shows 1 core.

I tried MSConfig
and Reseting most of the bios settings ( all but changed IDE to RAID)
I have also tried re-installing Windows 7 and Windows Vista. No difference. Asus tells me its Intels fault and Intel reverses it back to Asus. What should I do?
I am going to update the bios but I dont think it will make a differecelogix_2006[at]hotmail.com
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  1. you could try installing windows again..
  2. check ms config, under the boot tab go to advanced options, is the "number of processors" check box checked? If so uncheck it and it should be willing to use all of your cores again.
  3. Dinujan, try updating your BIOS because if Windows was working fine and it all went tits-up mid-windows session then it would definately suggest something on the BIOS level.
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