What is stronger and more powerfull because i currently have an XFX nVidia 8600GT XXX Superclocked Edition and my friend said "Your a heavy gamer and i have a better graphics card than you want to swop" and i replyed let me think about it and now im deciding so which one is better from most people iv heard from my 8600gt is quite a good card and is know as a Mid-ranged card
so please tell me what is better.
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  1. The 9600 GT is better. I'm not sure why your friend wants to swap, but whatever. :/
  2. 9600GT is much better (7 tiers) than the 8600GT.

    Or you can get a 8800/9800GT, or ATI 4830 for around the same price as a 9600GT. Those are better than the 9600GT
  3. Yeh but i only have a Thermaltake 300w @ 19 amps
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